Freelance Employee Communication Support – The Future Of Work!

Hire a communication freelancer and be economically smart about where, when and how you invest in your communication! 

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” – by George Bernard Shaw

At RPU Communication – we’ve made it easy to hire great employee communication experts for the timespan of your specific project. You can add a proven communication expert to your team in less than a week for the desired time-span needed.


Make your communication more efficient and cost effective! Are you in the middle of a merger/acquisition, culture change process, business transformation, need help to analyze and develop your employee communication strategy, are you rolling out a new collaboration tool or do you need an ad-interim employee communication manager?

With so many business scenarios, communication channels and opportunities for engagement, it is challenging and expensive to staff an in-house team with expertise in every area. That is where we step-in! RPU Communication will bring-in the experts to help you plan and manage the communication process of your project. We can help you release the strain on your existing resources for the specific time period.